Corporate Security

Private Investigator


We are a global bespoke communications and marketing company based in surrey.


Our objective is to partner with a service provider able to investigate, collect data, and provide key information. A Italian client did not pay an invoice pretending we never worked for him. We need an investigator to do everything possible to prove the irregularities in that client’s says, and the data that will help us win in court.


  • Data and documents Government papers Reports
  • PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR SERVICE Strategy and commitment
  • We are looking for a 3-6 months partnership
  • We are looking to someone with a deep knowledge to find what is apparently hidden We are willing to work along with many experts, internationally
  • Focus on women interested in fashion and beauty
  • Our ideal agency would:
  • Provide a full report for each issue
  • Have an impressive experience in collecting data
  • Ideally know about French Employment law, and umbrella companies Keep it confidential

Guide budget: £3.5K-£5.5K

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