Lead Generation


We are a global bespoke communications boutique dedicated to luxury fashion and beauty brands.


Our overall objective is to help women have premium beauty products at a discounted price. For that reason, we are looking to have a partner that will help us find women in France, UK, USA willing to get a monthly luxury beauty box.


  • Women willing to buy a luxury beauty box Subscriptions for the 3-6-12 month plans Orders for the limited editions
  • B2C CUSTOMER ACQUISITION Strategy and commitment
  • We are looking for a 12 months partnership
  • Manage and drive campaigns in order to get at least of 20,000 orders We are keen to work along with many experts, internationally
  • Our ideal agency would:
  • Provide a full monthly report
  • Have a good understanding of our industry
  • Have good communications and negotiation skills

Guide budget: £400-£800 per customer

Duration of Project – Ongoing

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