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Commercial Law services safeguard businesses with widespread legal services ranging from Intellectual Property rights to Confidentiality, NDAs, and exclusivity agreements. In today’s business environment, commercial lawyers are responsible for every legal aspect of the business. Corporate legal advisors provide guidance around protecting clients’ business interest by evaluating and managing a wider aspect of legal issues in the business. Business owners can protect their corporate legal liabilities by implementing and designing various legal rights along with the advice of Commercial Lawyers to protect their brand presence, services, and activities. BeTheBeesTM Marketplace understands the importance of efficient commercial legal services to perform seamless business functions. Therefore, we work in partnership with leading Commercial Law firms from the UK and worldwide across 145 countries to protect your business from any legal issues. We have extensive experience of helping business draft various types of trading and commercial agreements. Our vetted legal partners have been advising business in various aspects, such as:

  • Agency and distribution
  • Framework and supply arrangements
  • Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Joint ventures, collaborations and shareholder agreements
  • Employment agreements and service agreements
  • Outsourcing and subcontracting arrangements
  • Intellectual property licences and sub-licences
  • Franchise agreements
  • Terms of Business
  • Confidentiality, NDAs and exclusivity agreements
  • Data protection and contract law advice

BeTheBeesTM marketplace works by industry standards. We perform ongoing monitoring of the performance of our partner organisations toe ensure quality and affordability. Your legal requirements will be evaluated and analysed to provide you with the best match service provider with expertise in the field. Our valued legal partners will ensure timely delivery of legal agreements in line with your business functions. Our ever-growing procurement marketplace has partnered with over 1000 global commercial legal advisors with a track record of helping thousands of business from various sectors and size in achieving business excellence. Submit your brief today and benefit from selecting pitches from market leaders in commercial law. With us, we ensure to provide you quality at an affordable rate.

Call us today to discuss your requirements in detail.

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