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Require VAT services? BeTheBeesTM offers your business with a one-stop-shop for VAT Compliance in the UK and cross-borders. We have worked with the global team, equipped with robust VAT advising expertise. We work with 0ver 1000 vetted Accountancy firms to select from who can advise you on effective VAT beyond and above any international boundaries. Whether you are a startup-, SME or a large business we are covered for all.  Our clients have trusted us for years, as we work with global Accountants, with extensive experience in VAT and Tax advisory.

VAT regulations across the globe are constantly changing. Businesses trading cross-border requires strategies to ensure compliance with VAT registration and VAT reporting obligations to avoid incurring fines and penalties. Robust accounting strategies and accurate VAT returns protect the business from unnecessary penalties and high-end cost. Our vetted Accountancy partner firms will help you identify the financial gaps within your business, to ensure the bigger impact on your financial structure. With years of experience, our Qualified Accountants can design cost-efficient methods to free up your time from major VAT return and Bookkeeping chores so that you can invest your valuable time in planning your business strategies. With us, your VAT returns will be incorporated into your accounts production process, ensuring timely progress updates against your annual forecast. Our global Accountancy partners have an extensive track record of providing quick, efficient and accurate financial reports at a competitive rate.

BeTheBeesTM Marketplace is buzzing with Qualified Accountants who speaks your business language. Our valued partners can provider service in:

  • VAT returns and other compliance work
  • VAT registration
  • VAT grouping
  • Business transfers and reorganisations
  • Overseas VAT (EU and non-EU) claims
  • VAT anti-avoidance legislation
  • VAT cash flow

BeTheBeesTM will provide you with efficient VAT advising service in line with your financial plans and targets. Our elite global network of Qualified Accountants has been selected with our proven BRSKTM grading tool to ensure quality at the heart of our procurement process. We have partnered with over 1000 Accountancy firms from the UK and worldwide across 145 nations to revive a new era of lost lasting relationship between you and us.

Submit your brief to get access to competitive quotes from the market leader in VAT advisory. Alternatively, call us now to dive into our business acumen and get the best-in-class help from leading experts.

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