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Trademark is a recognisable sign or symbol used to differentiate goods, services or design from competitors. Registered trademark protects brands and goodwill of any services or goods of a company along with maintaining customer loyalty. Trademark registration is not limited to the registration and protection of your brand and products. It requires companies to watch their competitors for infringement constantly. Businesses like yours spend a significant amount of time creating the brand. We must protect the brand from any infringements. We at BeTheBeesTM Marketplace can identify high-calibre Trademark Lawyers, providing business protection when you need it.

In today’s world when business competition is outrageous, brands must start thinking about registering a trademark for everything ranging from a name to a product shape. Registering a trade mark gives a business the exclusive right to use it anywhere in the region. Additionally, it any services or product have been infringed by their competitor; businesses can opt for easier and better route to protect it. Businesses are empowered to monetize their trademark licence by agreeing on various franchising arrangements.

BeTheBeesTM Marketplace comprises of experts who have experiences in protecting business services and product through trademark services. We work in partnership with a global network of trademark lawyers. They can provide services in the following areas:

  • Trademark Applications
  • Trademark Prosecution
  • Office Action Responses
  • Foreign Trademark Prosecution
  • Trademark Searches
  • Trademark Opinions
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Trademark Renewals
  • Trademark infringement
  • Trademark portfolio
  • Passing off

We at BeTheBeesTM Marketplace have challenged all our capabilities to get the market leaders in Trademark Law. Our Procurement process has been monitored by strict industry grading process to ensure quality and affordability at the same time. We have partnered with over 1000 trademark lawyers and business advisors from the UK and worldwide across 145 countries to benefit your brand with unparallel service. Business owners often get into difficult waters because they haven’t properly researched about trademark their services, products, logo or design. Thereby, causing an expensive mistake by embarking on a re-brand or a new product launch centred around a trade mark which infringes someone else’s rights. BeTheBeesTM Marketplace understands that protecting your infringement rights is crucial. You can trust on our global workforce that can help you from competitors infringing your products or services. Our vetted legal partners will help you search, evaluate and protect to ensure peace of mind and better business functioning.

Submit your brief to receive competitive quotes at an unparallel quality. Alternatively, call us to protect your business from any infringements by your competitors.

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