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BeTheBeesTM  started in 2012 and since then we have been aiming to exceed our customers’ needs in outsourcing and procurement. We established ourselves as a leading outsourcing and procurement company not only in the UK but also globally as we have clients in Europe, Africa and Asia. Personal relationship with our clients and service providers is what we take pride in as we believe the best work comes when a high level of trust is attained. Despite the recent boom of tech, we stay traditional and use an entrusting approach when working with our clients. Furthermore, we try to explore the best interests of everyone who joints our platform.  We give full financial security and control to everyone who joins our platform through our online portal.

Moving forward, we aim to add more clients and service providers to our platform with the expectancy to provide our quality services. Our process is plain sailing and doesn’t require much effort from business that joins us. We assist our clients and service providers as much as possible as our tailored approach encourages our clients to put their business burdens onto us.

Pros of joining our platform:

  • Across the board clients operating in 84+ Product & Service Categories!
  • Wide range of quality service providers across the sectors of marketing, legal, finance and more!
  • No hidden joining or subscription costs!
  • Humanised approached to dealing with projects on our platform!
  • No lengthy contracts!

 Waste no more time, allow us to do the dirty work for you!

Join our platform ASAP. Get into contact with us and ask us any questions which you may have. 

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Our primary industries of expertise are financial, marketing, hr, digital, design, legal, business consulting, technical writing to name a few.

Purpose: To help businesses benefit in their most important areas using our outsourcing and procurement services.

Mission: We have brilliant category consultants and deep domain expertise, creating the most robust procurement knowledge both nationally and internationally.

Vision: To assist every company nationally and internationally, who are in need for more projects or businesses to outsource work to.

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