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A picture says a thousand words and a stunning 3D visual attracts thousands of minds. The popularity of 3D technologies is rapidly growing with increased demand in innovative film-making. There has been a constant growing demand for interactive visual effects and 3D computer-generating designs. BeTheBeesTM team believes 3D design technology to be a one-stop-shop for seamlessly conveying and engaging with the audience like never before.

BeTheBeesTM works with over 1000 3D and graphic designers from the UK and global across 145 countries. Our team of expert designers uses their exceptional skills and experience to translate your ideas into a marketing and advertising visual. Our valued providers have an extensive history of creating and utilise cutting-edge 3D modelling software to deliver superior and unique 3D design services. We have been rendering help to leading businesses globally in developing 3D designs for:

  • Product demonstration on website
  • Designed interactive blogs
  • 3D effects brochure and marketing materials
  • 3D architectures and models

Our design development process has been tried and tested by leading web development and qualified programming developers. Our market leader in 3D designing experts always ensures that you get results you in line with your business visions. BeTheBeesTM team understands the importance of finding a tailored approach to every project. We customise every project with a matchless service provider in line with your expectations. Our vetted experts will request sketches, photographs, measurements or 2D CAD to get the ball rolling.

Whether you need to create standalone 3D objects or videos, or interactive 3D web designs, BeTheBeesTM has done the legwork in selecting and vetting the best-in-market programming developers from the UK and worldwide. Our team of experts will evaluate your requirements and win you the best pitch that will ensure budget and quality. We do not just help you develop your unique designs; we find the right match from our extensive procurement marketplace to help your business grow.

Submit your brief. Alternatively, call us to register your interest.

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