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Business at some point of their journey might require a financial investment. The major issue observed by small business owners are that bank provides a business loan at high and risky interest rates. Therefore, with evolving financial markets, nowadays business globally can raise investments against equity. EIS Scheme benefits business such owners by providing tax relief on the value of the investment and also ensuring long-term income tax protection if the business fails. BeTheBeesTM understands the importance of injecting cash for business growth and protecting your investment at the same time. When you work with us, we fortify your business investment by the expert guidance of Investment advisors and Qualified Accountants who can guide you and your investors with ongoing business protection schemes and strategies.

BeTheBeesTM has traversed that extra mile to secure best-in-class Investment Advisory firms from the UK and worldwide across 145 nations. We ensure that your business investment receives ongoing protection if something goes wrong. Investors and financial decision makers tend to be less concerned than they would normally be about the commercial merits of the investment given that for every £100 invested only about half of that is actually at stake.

BeTheBeesTM Procurement Marketplace prides itself for the high-end and exclusive procurement processes that will reduce your annual spend and shoot up your revenues. Our privileged global network of Qualified Accountants and Investment advisory firm have been selected with our proven BRSKTM grading tool to ensure we do what we say – Protect your valuable investment. Our outstanding Procurement process and revolutionised a new era of business outsourcing- We Enterprise-source your project to assure affordability.

Submit your brief to get access to competitive quotes from the market leader in Enterprise Investment Scheme advising. Alternatively, call us now to discuss your investment protection plans in detail. 

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