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Did you know 93% marketers confirmed that Videos make a ‘big’ impact on the buying habits of your audience? Dull, non-interactive and long videos have proven to decrease the attention span of audiences. With the digital revolution, audiences are demand for video content has increased. Video messaging and production has become a dominant digital medium for online brands and businesses. Therefore, involving your valued audience with fun, interactive and ‘no nonsense’ messaging will ensure that people will love your brand. Designing a pitch perfect video with a defined intention, refined messaging and a clear call to action with 30 seconds will make your brand remembering and stand out in the crowd. Well, here’s the thing. At BeTheBeesTM, we work with video production companies to create exciting and interactive videos. We just don’t say it. We do it.

BeTheBeesTM works with over 1000 vetted video production agencies from the UK and overseas across 145 countries who are creative, professional and experienced. Our vetted providers have mastered the skill of avoiding boring, soulless script that will do no good to your brand presence. Your business will benefit from tools and strategies that will inspire your viewers with a combination of captivating scripts, high-end productions, eye-catching animations and unique post production styles. Our expertise ranges from commercial to corporate production. With BeTheBeesTM, you’ll find everything in one place. Our experienced video production specialist can help you design and develop storyboarding script. With us, your business will be guided through every nooks and corner of the process to ensure timely delivery with your budget. So if you want a creative and effective solution to video production that builds brand awareness, look no further.

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