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Technical documentation is either the first or the last stop for users looking for authentic information. High-quality documentation can reduce the number of calls made to customer care and empower users to get started on their own. BeTheBeesTM Marketplace understands the importance of high-quality user guides and technical manuals. We have partnered with over 1000 industry leading technical writers who have an eye for detail and create accurate and user-friendly user documentations. BeTheBeesTM Procurement process plays a crucial role in acting as a bridge between the technical writers and brand. Therefore, we ensure well-known style guides that enunciate principles of effective documentation based on your user specifications. Technical documentation is about presenting information in a language or manner that is accessible to a wide audience without leaving any room for ambiguity, bias, and uncertainty. Therefore, we skim off technical writers who can ease writing for international audiences.

Our global vetted Technical writers have strategic steps which result to improved user-experience. Initially, they will work in collaboration with your team to have an in-depth understanding of your audience before drafting a plan and later on executing it. Analysis and creation of accurate service related documents are formulated and tested to comprehend the robustness of your documentation process. Documents are created in an industry- standard format such as CHM, PDF, WebHelp, JavaHelp, HTML, and SWF.

BeTheBeesTM team understands what it takes to get 100% user satisfaction. We traverse that extra mile for you to achieve high-end user experience. We combine elements of eLearning and technical documentation heightens to convey a customised brand technical message. We have helped business build an empire through our valued global Technical writing providers. Begin you memorable journey today.

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