Marketing Services

Media Sales


We are a global bespoke communications boutique dedicated to luxury, fashion and beauty.


Our overall objective is to help one of our client sell media spaces. Because we manage the editorial and the social networks, we want to outsource the service by having a partner able to find the right brands for each issue.


  • Advertising orders, twice a month Sponsors, internationally
  • Reports
  • Media sales service strategy and commitment
  • We are looking for a 12 months partnership
  • Manage and drive campaigns for a bi-monthly magazine We are willing to work along with many experts
  • Focus on UK advertisers or foreign brands willing to break into the UK market
  • Our ideal agency would:
  • Provide a full report for each issue
  • Have an impressive network of brands, indie designers, and emerging platforms
  • Be able to manage demanding campaigns and work under pressure (short amount of time)
  • Have good communications and negotiation skills

Guide budget: 1.5%-2% of the ad sales

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