App Desigining


A Hong Kong based client looking for an inventive idea for an e-Learning app. They wanted a language learning app akin to most other apps available out there, but with one key difference, that languages would be taught by real-life tutors with prior experience in the language of choice.

Tutors and learners can create an account, and after proving their proficiency in a particular language, immediately start an online course. Prospective students can also browse online courses and then choose a course, teacher ratings, teacher experience, etc., which best suits their requirements. They can then make the required payment, whereupon they can start the one-on-one course with the tutor at a predefined time.


  • Development of a separate web app for handling the backend of the iOS app
  • The app had to feature robust chat integration in order to facilitate real-time collaboration
  • Extremely secure system as payments will be made online.

Guide budget: $25,000

Deadline – To be launched by Jan 2017

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