Technical Writing Service

Technical Writing

A shipping company had approximately 150 procedures with a total of approximately 2000 pages. During the life of the procedures, many changes were made to the procedures, and a full re-write was necessary.

For this project, more personnel were necessary:

  • Fleet Director
  • Marine Engineer
  • Master Mariner
  • An editor who knows simplified English and American English.

The source procedures had these language problems

The source procedures had many problems:

  • The procedures were too long. On average, each procedure was 13 pages.
  • The visual design was bad.
  • The Microsoft Word template contained many unnecessary styles.
  • The remaining part of this section is about problems that are related to the language.
  • Instructions are not clear
  • Sentence structure is complex and instructions are not clear
  • The source procedures were written by marine experts, not by technical writers. Sentences were too complex and there were no clear instructions, as this example shows:

Budget – $5000-7000

Deadline – To be delivered by 19 Dec 2017

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