Customer Acquisition

We are a global bespoke communications boutique dedicated to luxury, fashion and beauty.
Our overall objective is to help some of our clients sell their fashion and lifestyle products: clothing, beauty, books, gadgets, furniture, and stationary. For that reason, we are looking to outsource that service by having partners able to drive many campaigns.

  • Individuals willing to buy exclusive products
  • 500 sales per day or 10,000 per week, for short campaigns
  • B2C CUSTOMER ACQUISITION Strategy and commitment
  • We are looking for a 12 months partnership
  • Manage and drive highly demanding campaigns
  • We are willing to work along with many experts, internationally

Our ideal agency would:

  • Provide a full monthly report
  • Have a good understanding of the e-commerce market Have good communications and negotiation skills

Guide budget: 1%-2% of the retail price

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